my story
Ever since I was little, my grandfather would always share his life stories with me. He would tell me about dipping rattlesnakes in liquid nitrogen and shattering them on the tarmac at an airbase in Spain, or how he would fix up damaged jets for flight just before Vietnam. But when I saw his photographs, his stories came to life. The pictures allowed me to see exactly what my grandfather did almost 50 years ago.
His passion for storytelling rubbed off on me, and when I saved enough money for my first Nikon DSLR in high school, I was able to record my own stories with a click of the shutter. I began taking portraits of close friends, then making video montages with a GoPro, and eventually I created a portfolio to share with organizations at Boston University and Coca-Cola. From photographing the Boston Celtics to covering events at Harvard Innovation Labs, my passion for storytelling continues to grow.​​​​​​​